Below you will find the answers to the most common questions asked of the Matter of Stone team.


What products should I use to clean the stone and where can I get them?

For best results, we can supply various cleaning products to match the sealer used on your stone. We recommend & sell Lithofin & Dry Treat products for daily use. Alternatively, hot water with a touch of Methylated Spirits can be used. Avoid common domestic floor cleaners such as Ajax as they can damage the stone.

How often should I have my stone resealed and polished?

Depending on foot traffic or acidic attack your floors should professionally cleaned and resealed at least every 5-10 years.

How will I know when the stone needs to be resealed, polished or honed?

When the stone loses its shine and colour we recommend having it professionally cleaned and resealed. This will give it new life, bringing it back to it’s original glory.

Do you repair and or polish travertine and marble tables?

We get asked this a lot! Yes, we can and do restore travertine and marble tables and are often referred customers from furniture galleries.

Can you repair my floor?

Yes! We have specialist machinery to fully restore your tired or damaged floor and bring it back to new. We then reseal it to ensure it stays like that for years to come.

What does In situ mean?

In situ honing and polishing means we come to you! Having specialist machinery allows us to hone and polish on site when your stone is in place, leaving a perfect finish.